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   Safety Rules
Punjab Roadways always in your service.
  • Encourage us by traveling in Punjab Roadways buses.
  • Always purchase tickets and preserve it till you reach your destination to make your journey pleasant.
  • Any passenger found traveling without ticket shall be fined ten times of the fare for the journey he has travelled.
  • While taking tickets at bus stands and boarding bus, make a queue to avoid inconvenience.
  • For pollution free environment keep buses & bus stops neat and clean.
  • Always travel light.
  • Always insist drivers/conductors to stop buses for meals at authorized dhabhas.
  • Begging at bus stands should not be encouraged.
  • Always offer seats to women/children/physically handicapped and old aged persons.
  • While traveling do not put your head/arm out side the window.
  • Inform to the concerned authorities if any suspicious substance is found.
  • Children between 3 -12 years of age will be given seat.
  • Follow all safety norms provided under the motor vehicles act & rules for safe journey.
Procedure for Corrective Action
The passengers and commuters of Punjab Roadways and commuters using the bus stands of Punjab Roadways can face the following problems.
A) Break down of bus of Punjab Roadways.
B) Accident involving Punjab Roadways bus.
C) Complaints by passengers regarding overcharging, cleanliness, behavior of the staff etc.
D) Complaints by women, senior citizens, disabled, freedom fighters or cancer patients.
The procedure of handling these problems and their redressal mechanism is explained below:
A) Breakdown of Service:

If breakdown of a bus occurs due to mechanical defect, the driver of the bus will push the B/D bus on the side of the road so that the bus is parked in a way, that it does not obstruct free flow of traffic on the road.

The conductor of the breakdown bus will make all efforts to help the passengers to board other Punjab Roadways buses going to the same destination and he will sign on the backside of the tickets as proof of the broken down bus. It is the duty of other buses passing by to adjust the passengers in their buses and if a bus passing by does not stop to pick up such stranded passengers, a complaint giving the bus number can be made to the General Manager of the depot of the break down bus or to the General Manager of the depot whose bus failed to lift the passengers. The conductor also transmits the message regarding the breakdown to the duty inspector of his depot, who ensures that the Work Shop Supervisor sends the workshop staff to attend the breakdown bus.

In case the there is no bus of Punjab Roadways on that particular route after that time, the conductor will make efforts for alternate arrangements and make an entry regarding the balance fare of the passenger from the point of breakdown of the bus to the destination of the passenger. The passenger can collect the balance fare from the booking assistant of the depot of the broken down bus.

B) Accident Involving Buses of Punjab Roadways:

In case of an accident, the crew of the bus shall report regarding the accident to the concerned depot. In case the crew is also injured, the telephone number of the concerned depot and of the Director State Transport as written on the buses can be used so that any member of public can make a call to the concerned authorities. The conductor is equipped with a first aid box to handle minor injuries. The crew will report regarding the accident to the nearest police station about the location, time and accident details.

The driver and conductor will immediately take the injured persons to the nearest hospital for giving them medical treatment. The driver and conductor of the bus will ensure that the bus is not lying in a position, which could be a hazard to the traffic passing by on the road.

In case of serious injuries or fatal accidents, the accident will be attended to by a gazetted officer of the concerned depot or of the depot nearest to the site of the accident as soon as possible. The gazetted officer will inquire into the cause of the accident and will visit the injured person/person's in the hospital. A list of injured person/person's along with their address will be made and submitted to the concerned depot along with a detailed map and a report of the accident.

Immediate financial aid will be given to the injured persons at the rate given below: -
First Aid Expenses:
For first 48 hours: Rs 200/-
For more than 48 hours: Rs 500/-

In case of permanent disability, the passenger and in case of death the legal heirs of the passenger have the following options to obtain compensation from the transport department:
Procedure in practice for payment of Compensation to the injured and Legal heirs of the deceased in case of accident with Punjab Roadways buses.
The Compensation under M.V.Act is paid U/S 140 and U/S 166.
Procedure U/S 140 of Motor Vehicle Act:-

The Department/General Manager has power to pay compensation to the legal heirs of the deceased up to Rs. 50,000 and to permanent disabled person up to Rs. 25,000 under No Fault liability (U/S 140 of Motor Vehicle Act).

The payment under this Act is made after the legal heirs of the deceased and injured person files an application for payment of the same along with the following documents

A) In case of Death
The legal heirs of the deceased are required to file the following document along with their application:-.
   a) Police Investigation Report/ FIR.
   b) Hospital/Medico Legal Report.
   c) Postmortem Report.
   d) Death Certificate.
   e) A certificate issued by the collector of the District to which the person permanently resides showing the       claimant is Legal heir of the deceased.
B) In case of Permanent Disabled person

The following documents are required to be filed by permanent disabled person along with his application:-
   a) A certificate from Chief Medical Officer of the Hospital last attended declaring the injury to be responsible        for permanent disability.
   b) Fir of police investigation.
   c) A certificate from the Collector of the District declaring the claimant as Legal Representative/Guardian in        case of minor. An affidavit by the claimant duly attested by the Magistrate 1st class, giving an undertaking        that in case the certificate produced by him is found to be false, he will be liable to be proceeded against        criminally and will be liable to refund the

On receipt of application along with complete documents the case is processed in the department and after completing all the formalities (Departmental procedure) the payment is made to the Legal heir of the deceased/injured person.

Procedure followed by the Department where the Applicant files an application in the Court/Tribunal.

When an effected person files a petition under section 140 of Motor Vehicle Act as well as under section 166 of Motor vehicle Act for payment of compensation, the Court/Tribunal issues notice to the Department. On receipt of notice the department files written statement in the Court/Tribunal pleading its defense and after pursuing all the evidence, the Court/Tribunal decides the case. Some times Interim award is passed by the court U/S 140 of the Motor vehicle Act for payment of Interim compensation to the tune of Rs- 50,000 in case of death and Rs-25, 000 in case of permanent disability.

The department makes the payment of Interim award/Compensation immediately after receipt of certified copy of Judgment from the Hon'ble Court/Tribunal. When the court passes an award against the Department U/S 166 of motor vehicle Act, the complete case along with certified copy of judgment is sent to the Director Prosecution & Litigation for getting the expert opinion for Filing/Non filing of FAO/Appeal against the award of the Learned Tribunal. If the Director Prosecution and Litigation is of the opinion that it is a fit case for filing FAO/Appeal then it is filed before the Hon'ble High Court after procuring sanction from the competent authority.

Settlement through Lok Adalat
If the matter is placed before the Honorable Lok Adalat for settlement then the case is sent to the Committee headed by Secretary Govt. Punjab Department. Of Transport Chandigarh for further advice giving complete facts of the case. The Committee after going through all the facts on record decides whether the settlement should be effected in Lok Adalat or not. The settlement in Lok Adalat is effected on receipt of Permission/Advice from committee.

C) Other Complaints by Passengers

If a passenger has a complaint while traveling in the buses of Punjab Roadways/PUNBUS buses, he can enter the complaint in the complaint book kept with the conductor of the bus. The complaint book will be submitted each day by the conductor along with his cash in the cash branch. All complaint books carrying a complaint will be segregated and in cases of

a) Misbehavior
b) Overcharging

The conductor will not be issued a new ticket box till he appears personally before the general manager of the concerned depot and explains his position.

All complaints will be marked to the competent officer and preliminary inquiry will be conducted based on the facts of the complaint. If the general manager feels that a face-to-face inquiry is required to ascertain the facts of the complaint, he will appoint an inquiry officer from a depot, which is nearest to the place of residence of the complainant. All such proceedings will be completed in not more than 45 days and the complainant will be informed of the outcome of his complaint within this time and the disciplinary/corrective action taken.

If there is no complaint book with the conductor or if the conductor refuses to hand over the complaint book to the complainant then the complaint can be forwarded in writing to any of the following addresses or to the general manager of the depot to which the bus belongs.

1. Office of the General Manager, Punjab Roadways Cum Depot Manager PUNBUS Chandigarh, 2. Ropar,
3. Nangal, 4. Ludhiana, 5. Moga, 6. Muktsar, 7. Fezorpur, 8. Hoshiarpur, 9. Jagraon, 10.. Amritsar-I,
11. Amritsar-II, 12. Tarn Taran, 13. Jalandhar-I, 14. Jalandhar-II, 15. Batala, 16. Pathankot, 17. Nawan shehar, 18. Patti

On receipt of complaint, the complainant will be informed regarding the diary number of the complaint personally or by post and it will not be necessary for the depot receiving the complaint to forward the complaint to the depot to which the bus belongs. The complaint will be inquired into in the depot receiving the complaint and the inquiry will be completed within 45 days and a copy of inquiry report will be forwarded to the complainant along with the corrective action taken and punishment given to the erring staff.In case no action is taken on the complaint within the specified time or if the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint, the complaint can be forwarded to the:

Deputy Director State Transport,

Jeevan Deep Building,
Sector 17, Chandigarh.

D) Complaints by Women, Old Persons, Handicapped, Freedom Fighters.
In case of such complaints, the procedure for making the complaints will be the same as explained above. The concerned general manager will mark the complaint to some officer in a depot nearest to the place of residence of the complainant.
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