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   Tender for Stalls and Shops Rent
Stalls and shops at various Bus Stand of Punjab Roadways are given on rent. The Auctions of different types of shops at various bus stands of Punjab Roadways is done by Publication of Public Auction Notice in different Newspapers through Public Relation Department, Punjab. It is an open Auction. A committee constituted for this purpose comprises General Manager of concerned depot (Chairman), A.C.(F&A), Representative of Head Office and Section Officer. The various terms and conditions of agreement are as follow:-
  1. The licence fee shall be for 11 months and shall be paid in the form of monthly installment in advance on or before the 5th day of each month.
  2. If the licencee fails to vacate the shop after expiry of the licenced period owing to any reason whatsoever, the licencee shall pay the penal rent at the rate of double the monthly licence fee provided in the agreement for such period, the shop remains in his possession.
  3. Six installments of licence fee in advance shall be deposited by the licencee as security with the landlord which will be kept for due performance and safeguard the conditions of this agreement security will be returned on completion of Lease Period.
  4. In addition to the above a sum of Rs._____________ shall be paid in advance as water and electricity charges at the following rates per month.
  5. • Rs._____________ per water tap.
    • Rs._____________ per fan.
    • Rs._____________ per lamp.
  6. In case of non-payment of monthly installment plus water and electricity charges in time by the Licencee, the landlord shall be competent to cancel the licence after giving 15 days notice to the Licencee and the landlord shall be competent to forefeit the security and the licencee shall have no cause of action on account of cancellation of the licence by the landlord.
  7. The licence shall not injure or damage any of the electric and sanitary fittings and other fittings and appliances of whatever nature included in the accommodation licenced out to him, but shall take all reasonable care of the same and safeguard from fire, get it checking/checked from the agent of the Landlord and if necessary replaces any such fittings and appliances as may be found to be damaged or worn out.
  8. The licencee shall not make any excavation in the accommodation.
  9. The licencee shall keep the accommodation in good and substantial order and repair it at his own cost during the said term and deliver up the same in such good and substantial condition to the landlord on expiry of the agreement period or soon after the termination of the said period of licence.
  10. The licencee shall allow the landlord and his agents at all reasonable times during the said term to enter upon the accommodation to inspect the condition thereof and shall make good all defects in it immediately whether the same shall have been caused by any act or default of the licencee or not.
  11. 1The licencee shall not transfer or sublet the licence or otherwise part with his possession or interest in the accommodation or any part thereof.
  12. The licencee shall not use or permit to be used the accommodation for any purpose whatsoever other than for the sale of books, novels, magazines, newspapers etc.. The licencee is prohibited from selling banned and unlawful books.
  13. The licence shall display at conspicuous place of the shop (Main Side), a list of articles, the licencee is permitted to sell with their rates duly approved by the Deputy Commissioner or by any other authority appointed for the purpose.
  14. The Licencee shall give a special attention to cleanliness, and the articles he will be dealing in for public consumption shall be of prescribed standard.
  15. The Licencee shall neither use himself nor permit others to use or store any intoxicants in the accommodation licenced to him.
  16. The landlord has the power to cancel the licence after proper notice if any serious complaint is received against the conduct and behaviour of the licencee or his servants.
  17. The Licencee shall not encroachupon the platform or any other space not licenced out to him in any shape or form and the licencee shall stick within the fourwalls only of the shop licenced out to him.
  18. The Licencee shall neither use nor permit others to use the accommodation licenced out to him for publicity purposes in shape or form.
  19. The landlord or his agent shall have a right of re-entry reserved if any part of the licence money hereby agreed to be received shall be in arrears for one month next after any of the days whereon the same shall have become due whether the same shall have been demanded or not or if there shall be in the opinion of the landlord any break by the licencee of any of the terms and conditions herein before contained or if the licencee shall be adjudicated as an insolvent and there upon not withstanding, the waiver of any previous cause or right of re-entry the licencee shall cease and the licencee shall not be entitled to any compensation whatsoever.
  20. The licencee shall furnish a list of his servants to the landlord with full particulars for verification of antecedents through the police and the servants shall wear while on duty uniform of the colour prescribed by the General Manager of the concerned depot.
  21. The licencee shall have no option to cancel the licence in between the licence period. However, the landlord reserves the right to cancel the licence at any time by giving 15 days notice in advance. In case of termination of licence by the licencee in between the licence period in violation of the terms of this agreement, the licencee will be re-auctioned by the landlord and the difference if any in fresh licence money and the previous licence money will be recovered from the licencee.
  22. The licencee shall furnish two sureties to the satisfaction of the General Manager of the concerned depot to indemnify the landlord against any loss or damage that the landlord may sustain during the period of licence due to any breach or non-performance or non-observance of any of the terms of this deed by the licencee. Each surety shall own unencumbered immoveable property double the licence fee payable for a period of eleven months of the value Licence.
  23. The licencee shall not encroach upon the rights of the other licencees running their business in the Punjab Roadways Bus Stand.
  24. The licencee shall not use firewood or smoke creating fuel for preparation or maintenance of the articles, he will be dealing in.
  25. The licencee or his servants shall not engage hawkers or enter any bus for the purpose of selling any articles.
  26. All disputes between the landlord and the licencee arising out of this agreement entered into or in relation there to or regarding the interpretation of any clause, terms and conditions thereof shall be referred to the Director State Transport, Punjab as such at the time of the reference, who will be the sole of Arbitrator and his decision shall be final and binding.
  27. The expenses of preparation and execution of this agreement for licence and its counterpart shall be born by the licencee and the licence agreement shall be completed within one week from the date of auction and before the period of licence commences.
In witness thereof the parties here to have signed this agreement on the date first herein before mentioned.

Signed for & on behalf of the Governor of Punjab by:

Signature of the Licencee
General Manager,
Punjab Roadways,

NOTE:- Government has given construction work of Amritsar Bus Stand to Rohan & Rajdeep’s company on Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT) basis. Since the Amritsar Bus Stand has been completed & Operation for this new Bus Stand has started. So for any advertisement & Shops/Stalls for rent, the Rohan & Rajdeep’s company should be contacted.
Rohan & Rajdeep’s company:-
Manager: Sh.V.K.Sharma
Mobile: 9357702300
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